1. The Bug Club
    Wales, UK
  2. Potpourri
    Sheffield, UK
  3. career
    London, UK
  4. Melin Melyn
    Cardiff, UK
  5. U.S.Highball
    Glasgow, UK
  6. Dog Daisies
    Lancaster, UK
  7. Sun Drift
    Sheffield, UK
  8. Family Selection Box
    Lancaster, UK
  9. Watch Paint Dry
    London, UK
  10. Mr Ben & the Bens
    Lancaster, UK
  11. Sydney Herds
    Sheffield, UK
  12. Soup Review
    Sheffield, UK
  13. Willow Layne
    Sheffield, UK
  14. John Myrtle
    London, UK
  15. White Flowers
    Preston, UK
  16. Rail Waves
    Aalborg, Denmark


Bingo Records UK

Bingo Records was founded in Lancaster in 2017 and is now Sheffield-based.


Bingo Records
Sheaf Plate Works
Arundel Street
S1 1DJ

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