Shipping and return policies for Bingo Records

Shipping Info
1. If you want your record signed, wait to go to a gig and buy it from the merch stand. Or buy it from here and take it to a gig. When you purchase from Bandcamp you are purchasing direct from the label. We are often very far away from the bands and cannot arrange to meet them just to get a record signed.

2.We print out the shipping labels using an automated system and then stick them on to the packages and post them in bulk. We do not have the time to check every single address to make sure it is correct. Therefore, the onus is on the buyer to make sure their address is submitted correctly.

If you make a mistake with your address we can not help with changing it if the order is already shipped. Please be very careful with entering addresses when ordering.

If a record does not arrive due to the fact that the address was inputted incorrectly by the buyer then we accept no responsibility. If you get in touch to notify us that this has happened, and the record has since sold out, we cannot guarantee we will be able to replace the record that did not arrive, even if you offer to pay for another.
Return Policy
If a record arrives damaged we will do our best to replace it. If we have no replacements we will give a full refund.

When you let us know about a damaged item you must include an image of the damaged item, otherwise we will not be able to offer a replacement or refund.